Aqua week - wetsuit stays on!

What an incredible week of marine adventures! My wetsuit stayed on for 6 days. It seemed that every guest wanted to dive, one minute I would be teaching a PADI course, then to escorting a group of extreme Lion fish hunters on our deeper reefs using Enriched Air Nitrox. Then down to the West side of the island guiding our nature tour to look for big animals like Tiger Sharks. I also had the pleasure of escorting Bill, back in the water, and at 76 years young he was incredible! What a great week filled to the brim with nature focussed scuba dive, snorkel and boat based tours! As I move in to my last month here in the Bahamas, I have learned to appreciate every minute of these amazing excursions, a big thanks to all of our guests that choose to come and join me in my playground!

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