Lee's Reactivation

Cheers to Lee, an Advanced OW diver from the UK for getting back in the saddle! After suffering an ear injury while diving in Australia 6 years ago, Lee has been nervous to scuba dive. To gain confidence we did a shallow reef refresher dive to 12m and practiced some basic skills, tested the ear and regain buoyancy proficiency. After 10 minutes it was like he had never left the sport! The following morning we were blessed with very calm seas allowing us to reach our Southern most dive site. On entry we had a warm welcome with a school of big eye jacks and then to my complete surprise, an even warmer welcome by hundreds of Nassau Groupers. This encounter defies the local scientific understanding in that they should only form spawning aggregations for 1-2 days over the winter full moon. We were 5 days post full moon and there they were, maybe 500 strong! What a great way to get back in to diving and we wish Lee many great dive adventures to come.

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