What an incredible find!!!

For the first time in my diving career I got to witness one of natures greatest spectacles, a Nassau Grouper spawning aggregation event. On January 01, one day prior to the full moon me and my two dive guest dropped in to a newly discovered site close to the Andros wall. We were absolutely gob smacked to see between 500 - 1000 2-3ft Nassau Groupers waiting for us!! We could see their swollen bellies and fish all manner of reproduction coloration as they surrounded us for 25 minutes of bottom time. This is not only an incredible find for our divers but also for the ecology of the area as the Nassau Grouper is considered Endangered. These fish will return to this area over 3- full moon cycles from December to February each year and as such could be easily targeted by fishermen. Right now only 2 people know the GPS co ordinates to this amazing spectacle! I cant wait until the next full moon!!!!

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