Leave your distractions at the surface!

The last dive of the season was with Jman! The conditions were absolutely perfect at our lake showing 22oC on our dive computers. Like many people these days, in our over stimulated societies Jman lives with ADD. It has been very interesting to help coach him this summer and to see the enjoyment he gets while scuba diving. "Diving has given him a focus that he's never had in his life, he's finally found his thing" is what is mother said to me. There is no doubt that water immersion is therapeutic on many levels, when diving you leave the many surface concerns behind and go where your focus is simplified, gas supply, equalization, and buoyancy control. Add in the wildlife and quietness of your surroundings and it is easy to clear the mind and just feel the experience, a form of meditation. It has been great to work with Jman and watch him underwater, calm, organized, aware and focussed on the dive. According to his mom, a passion has surely been ignited, "He watches a ton of documentaries on the ocean and when he's watching those he doesn't move a muscle, yet watching almost anything else even if it's a topic that is interested in he can't sit still." We are so happy you found your passion and welcome you back next season for more dive adventure, fun and more importantly blue mind.

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