National clean up day!

For the National Clean up day this year we decided to link up with Project Aware dive against debris and spend an hour cleaning up one of our dive training sites. Myself, Quintin (living in Midland) and my good buddy Menno from Holland donned scuba in search of any trash we could find. Armed with a mesh bag, the three of us targeted the East side of the Cedar Point ferry dock and swept an area from 12-4m depth. At the shore we separated out our trash which weighed in at a hefty 17kgs. We had 89 mostly beer cans, 18 plastic bottles, 35 plastic fragments, 16 plastic food wrappers and 5 golf balls just to name a few items. We logged this data on the dive against debris data card and submitted it online at We will continue to use this survey site for ongoing clean up efforts in the future.

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