Exploring the depths and finding an abundance of life!

Here is a summary video of a recent Exploratory dive off South Andros in the Bahamas. The shelf of Andros drops in to the Abyss (Tongue of the Ocean) at around 40m and then slopes off to almost 2000m! This edge we call the drop off can encourage upwelling currents bringing nutrients and more life. On this very fortunate exploratory dive we happened upon a ridge of coral in an otherwise sandy desert linking the drop off up to 26m. This ridge was full of marine life, from enormous Nassau Groupers, Reef Sharks, schooling jacks and also boasting healthier coral than the shallower sites. It is always nice to discover new sites and to know that you were probably the first people to have ever seen that place. Cant wait to return next season and continue mapping the Andros barrier reef!

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