W H A T S  U P  W I T H  G B D

Fully Embracing it!

The last group of divers this season were exceptional! Fully prepared and full of enthusiasm, these guys rocked! Coming from the Canadian Coastguard, they showed impecable discipline, organisation skills and comfort in the water. We also had some weather challenges, with morning air temps down to a wintery 7oC, bring the lake temperature down with it. They were unfazed, and were always in great spirits to get back in to our chilly wetsuits for more diving. Well done, and a great example of you get out what you put in. We look forward to hearing about all your future dive adventures, at home and abroad!

Hooked on SCUBA!

Well done to Eric, who originally signed up for a Discover Scuba program, but then enjoyed it so much that he decided to go through the full PADI OW certification course. It is really incredible to see the progress in just 3 days, from never have breathed underwater on immersion 1, to planning, managing, and leading me on immersion 6, the last check out dive. This is a great example of why I only teach small groups, there is so much private time to really focus on basic dive skills such as proper equalization techniques, buoyancy skills, equipment management, and dive planning. Next stop, maybe the Advanced OW course, and then to Africa, possibly Madagascar, for some incredible dive adventur

So much Fun!

Congrats to Max (15), and Kristina for overcoming some skill hurdles and smashing the PADI OW course with me. We had tons of fun, great lake conditions, and after over coming some very important hair management issues (hoods don't only keep you warm) plenty of dive time. Well done, and we wish you well on your diving journeys at home and abroad.

Crushing it!

A big congrats to Richard and Matt for completing the PADI OW course with us here at our private lakeside locale. We were blessed with incredible weather, and great visibility. The guys were a little tired after crushing all the shallow water skills the first day, but stepped up and really enjoyed the subsequent check out dives! Good work guys, enjoy the rest of the summer diving, and catch you next time for the Advanced OW course, or maybe even some warm water dives in the Turks and Caicos!

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