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Advanced Training!

Yes, we are still here in the beautiful Turks and Caicos! This week I have been teaching the Advanced Open Water to our young adult (16-18) divers. So much fun! We started with the deep dive, then Navigation, Drift and Fish ID. These guys rocked, with great buoyancy, gas management and dive computer use. They are starting to feel self sufficient, and that is the goal for me, to sculpt independent, and safe divers. Next week we will finish up with a night dive! One of my favourite kind of dive experiences. After 30oC water, the balmy 22oC on Georgian Bay is going to be icy for me.....

Kids Kamp 2020

This week I taught our Kids Kamp Advanced group - Introduction to Coral Reef program. SOO MUCH FUN! This group of 12-15 yr olds got to learn all about how coral reefs are formed, there importance, associated eco systems, and how species interact on the reef. Of course the program is 85% practical based, so they got to learn how to scuba dive, and some basic free diving techniques to allow us to back everything up in the field. We also ventured in to the mangroves (massively important part of a healthy reef system), on paddle boards, and got out on a night dive (where you can really observe the coral polyps feeding). These little ambassadors rocked and were really impressive. Bring on next we

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