W H A T S  U P  W I T H  G B D

Newly discovered dive site!

With a couple of adventurous buddy's, we decided to go out and pin point the location of the WE shipwreck. Armed with a set of GPS co-ordinates we anchored on the sand at the top off the reef and dropped in, uncertain if we would find it. As luck would have it we were actually right on top of it, and dropped straight to the stern at 50m. I was particularly surprised at the lack of marine life on this structure, but there were a couple of nice swim throughs and pose spots for the camera. Very nice to have this (deep) wreckage to include in our Advanced/ Deep courses, and just 10 minutes from the dock! Our back yard here, just got a lot more interesting.

Reef Doctors!

What a great week it has been here in the beautiful Turks and Caicos. Finally we got permission to be able to go out and treat the corals that are infected with SCTLD. Using a paste base and amoxicillin mixture, our mission was to identify and treat coral colonies that can be saved. Above you will see 3 kinds of boulder and mound corals (Reef Builders) that I got to treat. The idea is to press in a layer of antibiotic paste at the interface where the disease is attacking the coral. Hopefully, this week we were able to save corals that have been growing for ten, or possibly hundreds of years. Very satisfying underwater work!!!

Saving reefs!

Since we have been given the all clear to come out of lock down, and since there are NO tourist around, I have been volunteering with the TCI Reef Fund. The big priority now, is to try and combat the very aggressive Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). First described on the Florida Reef tract in 2014, it arrived here in the Turks and Caicos Islands just over a year ago. This disease can kill an entire coral colony (see 2 pictures above) in a mater of weeks!! Thats hundreds of years of coral growth destroyed in a blink of an eye! If you look closer you will notice a definitive bright white line where the disease has wiped out living tissue and leaves the skeleton behind. We have been con

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