W H A T S  U P  W I T H  G B D

Life long ambitions realised!

Lately while "stuck" here in the beautiful Turks and Caicos, I have been teaching Candi how to scuba dive. Her lifelong dream has been to get up close to sharks and I am very happy to say, it has been realised! As a treat, after certification I took her to a special spot where a communication cable is exposed on the reef crest. Sharks are incredibly sensitive to electrical impulses, and tend to be drawn to this area, a form of clean baiting. We were treated to 3 or 4 reef sharks (check the video) which stayed around for the entire dive. GO Candi! The door has been very much opened for plenty of dive adventures to come.

One of those incredible ocean days!

One day before the lock down we decided to venture a bit further a field and go check out some new areas where we suspected breeding humpback whales to frequent. After an hour and a half, we reached the spot, and in just 5 minutes we were swimming with this guy! Only the male humpbacks sing, to mark territory, or possibly attract a female, or both. As you can see, the water is pretty shallow around 15m, just enough room to squeeze in an adult whale. You will want to turn up the volume for this one! What a treat, and until next season! We will be waiting.

Curious and Playful baby dolphin!

One of the most incredible highlights here in the Turks and Caicos, has been to have a close encounter with this baby dolphin. Here is one of my favourite playful moments, and you can just make out mom in the back ground. Today, as I was having lunch, this little Senorita swims by. I grabbed my fins, ran up the beach and swam out to say hello. I have been curious to see how she would respond, after 6 weeks of lockdown.... She took one look at me and carried on foraging and moving steadily Eastward, seemingly indifferent to us humans, and back to a natural rhythm. Is she all grown up now?

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