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Meticulous maintenance!

Georgian Bay Divers takes the maintenance and quality of our training equipment very seriously! Before the season really gets underway we make sure all of our scuba tanks have been visually inspected and have been hydrostatically tested within the last 5 years. This year I have personally inspected all of our tanks and they look as good as new. We also test, clean and service all of our regulators with new replacement o-rings and seat kits from Scubapro. It is important that each regulator is finely tuned in to ensure easy breathing but not encourage a free flow. We also test all of our Zeagle BCD inflators, replace leaking valves as needed and make sure each jacket holds air under pressure.

Best dive of the season!

What an incredible find! Last season I discovered a very interesting ridge (Lee Ridge) coming up from the Andros wall to a depth of 28m. This ridge captures the current and as such has created a healthy deeper reef with an abundance of life. This season, I could not believe my eyes when on new years morning, I descended upon hundreds of Nassau Grouper Epinephelus striatus forming a aggregating to spawn. This is a great sign for the local population which throughout its region has been harvested without consideration. For now this location remains a secret as if discovered, local fishermen could catch the entire spawning population, quite possibly the only one of the entire Andros barrier ree

Farewell Andros!

My last dive of the season was 60 minutes of cave heaven using side mount and playing around with the GoPro. Andros is famous for the abundance of blue holes/ caves/ caverns and tunnels and they are really impressive to dive. As I say farewell to this one, I touch the limestone and imagine the many thousands, if not millions of years it took to form this structure. At one point in time my position seen here would have been above live coral reef, evident in the fossilized corals I see on the walls. Years later this would have been a dry cave, with sea levels much lower during an ice age. Now, I touch and wonder what marine processes will occur over the next thousand years and feel very humble

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