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Great week of snorkelling blue holes!

Sometimes we get a group that just loves to snorkel! Lucky for us and them, here on Andros we are blessed with fantastic snorkelling at the many of the blue holes. These systems of limestone tunnels were created during the ice ages when sea levels in this area were over 200ft lower than today. Acidic rain water eroded the limestone creating the hundreds of visible cave systems. Once sea levels rose again, these subterranean caverns filled up with sea water, creating what we call blue holes. Being subject to tidal influence, marine caves are surrounded with healthy hard and soft corals which attracts plenty of fish and invertebrates, in effect offering great snorkel sites!

Lee's Reactivation

Cheers to Lee, an Advanced OW diver from the UK for getting back in the saddle! After suffering an ear injury while diving in Australia 6 years ago, Lee has been nervous to scuba dive. To gain confidence we did a shallow reef refresher dive to 12m and practiced some basic skills, tested the ear and regain buoyancy proficiency. After 10 minutes it was like he had never left the sport! The following morning we were blessed with very calm seas allowing us to reach our Southern most dive site. On entry we had a warm welcome with a school of big eye jacks and then to my complete surprise, an even warmer welcome by hundreds of Nassau Groupers. This encounter defies the local scientific understand

Playing with composition!

With my 5000 lumen video light I have been able to get some pretty reasonable images considering I shot these with a simple GoPro HERO 4! By getting up really close to light up some interesting and colourful foreground while trying to bring out the richest blue as a great contrasting background the colours really stand out! I have found a great new deep spot where this composition technique can be maximized. I cannot wait to return and see what marine treats wait for my GoPro rig!

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