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Leave your distractions at the surface!

The last dive of the season was with Jman! The conditions were absolutely perfect at our lake showing 22oC on our dive computers. Like many people these days, in our over stimulated societies Jman lives with ADD. It has been very interesting to help coach him this summer and to see the enjoyment he gets while scuba diving. "Diving has given him a focus that he's never had in his life, he's finally found his thing" is what is mother said to me. There is no doubt that water immersion is therapeutic on many levels, when diving you leave the many surface concerns behind and go where your focus is simplified, gas supply, equalization, and buoyancy control. Add in the wildlife and quietness of you

Are we in the Bahamas???

This weekend felt like we were down South with 30oC+ temperatures and not a cloud in the sky. Here is John, we met last winter in the Bahamas and at the time he was not able to dive. True to his word he made the trip over and did a refresher dive with me, his first dive in over 2 years. It was an absolute success with buoyancy, and dive skills all coming back easily, just look at that grin on his face! It was a pleasure to get you back in the drink with such amazing late season conditions, 15m visibility and 23oC temperatures!! Safe diving John, hope to see you in the Bahamas or next summer here on Georgian Bay.

National clean up day!

For the National Clean up day this year we decided to link up with Project Aware dive against debris and spend an hour cleaning up one of our dive training sites. Myself, Quintin (living in Midland) and my good buddy Menno from Holland donned scuba in search of any trash we could find. Armed with a mesh bag, the three of us targeted the East side of the Cedar Point ferry dock and swept an area from 12-4m depth. At the shore we separated out our trash which weighed in at a hefty 17kgs. We had 89 mostly beer cans, 18 plastic bottles, 35 plastic fragments, 16 plastic food wrappers and 5 golf balls just to name a few items. We logged this data on the dive against debris data card and submitted i

Perfect day for diving Georgian Bay!

What a fantastic day on the bay with this weeks boat charter. On board two previous students testing out their new drysuits, a newly certified student (Hilary) and my good friend Menno from Holland. After weeks of unpredictable weather we were blessed with blue sky and very light winds. This meant we could do my favourite combo, the Steel freighter the Mapledawn and the wooden schooner Marquette, both still very comfortable sites even with a 5mm wetsuit. At GBD we like to keep the dive group small, to maximize safety, enjoyment and of course fun!

Great job new divers!

Congratulations go out to Brett and Hilary for gaining their PADI Open Water Certifications this week. The temperatures are certainly dropping but it was still comfortable at 18oC. Great job guys, absolutely nailing the skills and demonstrating great buoyancy. We look forward to having you guys back up here for the Advanced Open Water or to dive our local shipwrecks!

Lets go snorkel the Mapledawn!

Sometimes it is nice to enjoy the freedom and silence of free diving. Here is my good buddy Mark enjoying the clear water and the Mapledawn shipwreck. Sitting in just 10m/30ft it is easily explored using simple snorkeling gear. It was nice to get a top down view of this enormous ship wreck to get a better feel for the sheer scale of the thing! Fantastic day out on Georgian Bay, flat calm, sunny skies, warm weather and good company.

Learning to dive - made to look easy!

Congratulations to Justin from the Muskokas for breezing the PADI Open Water course this week. It was amazing to see the very quick progress and comfort development from someone that had never done a single dive before. We wish you many great dive adventures to come and I know this is something that you will enjoy both in your work and recreation. A really great example of the PADI OW course working perfectly with enthusiasm, enjoyment and understanding. Great Job Justin!

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