W H A T S  U P  W I T H  G B D

Advanced Open Water IN Advanced Open Water!

Well done to last weeks Advanced Open Water group of guys for stepping up a gear and over coming not only the course but challenges in weather also. 20 knot winds blowing from the North West made for some very good navigation challenges in the reduced visibility and moderate currents. Amazingly, on our deep dive, at 20m/66ft the lake was still 19oC! very comfortable indeed. The highlight was the 2 large freshwater drumfish that were swimming around us on the night dive! All in all, fantastic exposure For Vlad, Alex and JC to navigation, dive planning, safety equipment use and advanced buoyancy techniques. It was great fun sharing our experience and I got to play with a little side mount divi

Just like riding a bicycle!

Congrats to Rick on deciding to get back in to the sport after a long spell away. Rick embarked on the PADI ReActivate course with us after 10 years without diving. After a thorough briefing, equipment and good dive practices review we embarked on a shallow water skill circuit to refresh basic dive skills. In the afternoon we reviewed some basic theory and made a nice long Open Water dive practicing skills such as alternate air source ascent, hovering, mask removal, regulator recovery and even managed to squeeze in some compass work (seen in the above image). It was impressive to see how Rick took back to diving, especially his great buoyancy control, it was just like riding a bicycle. Well

From soaring in the SKY to UNDERWATER weightlessness!

What unbelievably incredible weather we had for finishing Sarah PADI Open Water course! A pilot with WESTJET she not only feels very comfortable in the sky but also showed incredible "maintaining altitude" underwater. We started the course back in January from my winter base in the Bahamas and it was good to see her complete the last dives right here on Georgian Bay. In fact the temperature of the water was almost identical to peak winter temperatures in the Bahamas, a balmy 22oC. Also, check out the pure blue sky and flat calm lake, all making for incredible visibility right here at our private beach!

W O W a 6ft Sturgeon - next stop, the Great Barrier Reef.

Congratulations to Lily and Richard from Toronto in gaining their PADI Open Water certifications this weekend here at Georgian Bay Divers. While the first day offered challenging conditions, the weather eased up and our great visibility returned. This lucky pair were treated to a first for us, an amazing encounter with a mature lake sturgeon who allowed us to hang out for at least 2 minutes!!! I N C R E D I B L E. Of course, I didn't have my GoPro with me. These guys were great students and we wish them a great dive trip to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef in the fall.

Juniors - rocking the scuba!

This week we got to share our passion with two 14 yr old cousins, Jerret and JD. They showed a great interest in scuba and had so much fun taking their Junior Open Water Certification with us here at Georgian Bay Divers. Conditions became slightly challenging as the winds built on the last day but they were unfazed and nailed the skills and showed good dive behaviour. Congratulations guys, we wish you many fantastic dive adventures and hope to see you over here again soon!

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