W H A T S  U P  W I T H  G B D

Searching for the wrecked barge Michigan

On a fine sunny day I headed out on the scubadoo in search of the Shipwreck (barge) Michigan. While not as impressive as the Mapledawn it was certainly very interesting to find her and check out this potential local wreck dive. She is heavily broken up after years of ice and storms and sits in just 15 ft of water. No wonder she wrecked here, there are huge boulders to within 1ft of the surface, Boaters Beware!! This is a great shallow dive or snorkel site within just 30 minutes of our base location.

Father and son, getting certified!

Congrats to Alex and his Dad Vladimir from Newmarket in gaining their PADI Open Water certification this weekend. Alex scored an incredible 100% in the Exam! and with his Dad a +60 diver these guys were not only great students but they also showed a great dive attitude. GBD wishes you guys many great diving adventures and we look forward to you guys diving with us again in the future. With the clearest lake water around, our private beach offers a fantastic learning venue for SCUBA certification.

Practicing new skills - Sidemount

This week I have been practicing with my new Sidemount system and taking the Sidemount TEK course. This relatively new scuba configuration with the tanks clipped in to the side offers some great advantages especially when it comes to cavern diving (which I do in the winter time). Advantages include; easy tank movement to squeeze through small spaces, no hoses sticking out for entanglement, great redundancy (2 tanks, 2 regulators, 2 bcd bladders), full regulator and tank valve control and easy to carry and don. The freedom of movement is also increased and it is close to the feeling of free diving. This system has many applications and I look forward to testing it this winter in the Bahamas.

Diving to get closer to nature, sea turtles dude!

Congratulations to Megan for achieving her PADI Advanced Open Water certification this week! Next week she will be headed to Mexico to dive with sea turtles a life long ambition. In this image we are gearing up from our private beach for a night dive as the sun sets over Christian Island. Have a fantastic time Megan and we look forward to hearing about those incredible sea turtle encounters.

A Beautiful Day, diving on Georgian Bay

With next to NO wind, sunny skies and my new RAZOR sidemount harness set up I saddled up the scubadoo and left our beach. 20 minutes later I was on the Mapledawn shipwreck, a steel freighter, originally over 350ft long. Located off the North West side of Christian Island she now sits in 30ft of crystal clear water, this is my favourite of our local shipwrecks and the closest. Sidemount diving is becoming more and more popular and is an incredibly efficient way to dive when you need to kit up in the water - You just clip on your tank and off you go!


Congratulations to Peter, a fireman in Parry Sound for gaining the PADI Open Water Certification with Georgian Bay Divers. With lake temperatures a little cooler than last year we were blessed with sunny skies and light winds. Great work Pete, who demonstrated great skill mastery and buoyancy control throughout the course. Safe diving and have a great season diving the shipwrecks in your area!

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