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Learn to dive at our one stop private beach location!

Here is a small clip on one rainy day last June of two students practicing the shallow water skills for their PADI Open Water certification. Here they practice the Alternate Air Source skill in the unlikely situation that you would have to share air with your buddy! This is just one of many skills that you have to master to pass the course. With private Instruction and clear water this learning experience is relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Come experience the thrill of scuba with Georgian Bay Divers this summer!

Fixing a hole from within the tub!

While normally I am busy underwater teaching new students, guiding people over coral reefs, in caverns or historical shipwrecks, sometimes a new underwater project presents itself! I am always up to taking on a new challenge and to try and assist in any way I can using SCUBA. This was a much welcome job as the pool was a very comfortable 29oC as oppose to the rather cool lake at this time of year. I used an underwater epoxy to plug and seal two small cracks in this outdoor fibre glass pool, a very cost and time effective solution. The owner of the pool was very happy with the result!

Approached by a living dinosaur.

Sea turtles are one of the Earth's most ancient creatures. The seven species that can be found today have been around for 110 million years, since the time of the dinosaurs. This very mature male Logger head (shown by the very large tail) took an interest in us on a recent dive along the Andros Drop off. We managed to catch up with this old boy later during the dive where he was resting on the sand at about 28m. It is always nice to be approached by an animal and get a really good look at it. This guy was comparable in size to us and showed a real interest in my buddy while we swam out in the tongue of the ocean, South Andros, Bahamas. . .

Exploring the depths and finding an abundance of life!

Here is a summary video of a recent Exploratory dive off South Andros in the Bahamas. The shelf of Andros drops in to the Abyss (Tongue of the Ocean) at around 40m and then slopes off to almost 2000m! This edge we call the drop off can encourage upwelling currents bringing nutrients and more life. On this very fortunate exploratory dive we happened upon a ridge of coral in an otherwise sandy desert linking the drop off up to 26m. This ridge was full of marine life, from enormous Nassau Groupers, Reef Sharks, schooling jacks and also boasting healthier coral than the shallower sites. It is always nice to discover new sites and to know that you were probably the first people to have ever seen

Engage in Nature, get closer with SCUBA

Check out this pair of white spotted filefish I got to record using a simple GoPro on my recent trip to the Turks and Caicos. These fish can often be tricky to get close to but thanks to this pair being engrossed in one of their preferred foods, this tasty sponge provided an opportunity for me to film them. What is interesting is that, like with many reef fish they are able to change colour patterns. Here, one has the standard white spots, said to be in the white spotted phase and the second one demonstrates the orange phase. Also notice how the tail fin is not used for propulsion and acts more like a rudder for steering. Neat encounter!

PADI Open Water Certification - skills insight

Check out these students practicing some PADI Open Water confined water skills at our private beach location on a rainy day last June. This is the coldest time of our season and yet there was no need for gloves and we are in 5mm suits. Firm sandy substrate and clean water make for ideal learning conditions right here on Georgian Bay. Getting your PADI certification in the nicest way possible!!

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