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Lionfish - Conservation by Hunting.

Lionfish are an invasive species reaching epidemic levels in the Caribbean. They are native to the waters of the Indo-Pacific. As veracious predators, these fish are wiping out many cleaner species of the reef. They can also breed up to every 3-4 days - with mature females spawning up to 50 000 eggs, which is part of the reason the species has spread so widely and quickly in the Caribbean waters which has no predators to cull the species naturally. In the Bahamas we do our part in controlling the population, by using the correct techniques to catch and fillet them safely. We make sure that every Lionfish we catch is used for food, with marine conservation and sensitivity in mind.

Georgian Bay, perfect for SCUBA

With Summer just weeks away, now is the time to start thinking scuba diving right here on Georgian Bay. With crystal clear water our private beach location offers a very unique, exclusive and private dive training environment. NO swimming pool, NO hectic parking, NO boat traffic, NO big groups, YES personalized dive training, YES fun and YES Adventure! We offer PADI certifications, discover scuba, excursions to our local shipwrecks and trips abroad.

Bye Bye Bahamas!

The time has come to say good bye to the Bahamas until next winter. What a great season it has been with new dive sites discovered, unforgettable encounters with great hammerheads, dolphins, massive loggerhead turtles and plentiful reef species. Lets not forget our wonderful guests who took the plunge with me or discovered SCUBA for the first time, hope to see all of you guys again! So for now it is back to my home in Canada and diving on Georgian Bay, where we enjoy many similarities to the one above.

Say hello to Mr Loggerhead.

Yesterday while diving one of our newly discovered deeper reef sites we were approached by a very inquisitive and fully mature Loggerhead Turtle. This guy took a real fancy to my buddy and stayed with us for over 3 minutes. The loggerhead turtle or Caretta caretta is the largest of the hard shell sea turtles and typically weigh in between 150 - 400 pounds. The very big tail and exaggerated flipper claws needed for hanging on to a female indicates a male. He was certainly eager to find a mate or defend his territory, what ever his agenda it was a very pleasant and close encounter. These guys have massive heads and powerful jaws for crushing all manner of shellfish, unfortunately they are con

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