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Re - Activated and thrilled to dive again!

After a 15 year break from diving Melinda seen here decided with her husband to get back in to SCUBA diving. The PADI reActivate is a perfect solution offering a great eLearning platform to refresh dive theory followed by confined water skills circuit and actual dives where the Instructor feels necessary. On completion students receive a new and updated certification card, here at the Open Water level. It was great to get Melinda back in the ocean and guide her on the Andros barrier reef where we observed sharks, turtles, plentiful reef fish and a surprise visit from an African Pompano. Go Melinda! We hope you continue diving and have many great ocean adventures!

Adventures with National Geographic

This week I took the role of private marine guide for Sarah from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC -Unique Lodges of the world. My mission was to expose her to as much marine species and natural habitat as possible within the 5 day window. After a quick refresher dive we set off to dive my favorite reef spots and between dives snorkel as many of the healthy blue hole systems as possible. We were able to track two groups of dolphins, spot over 50 sea turtles, 3 species of shark and observe 5 different marine ecosystems. This was my favorite shot of our adventure, a trumpet fish camouflaging itself among a garden of soft coral. It was a blast and we look forward to the many articles to follow.

Exploring the ancient caves of Andros

This week was windy to say the least. With 30 knot winds gusting in from the East we were forced to move our diving inland to what is locally known as blue hole diving. These incredible cave systems were formed during the ice ages when sea levels dropped considerably. Thousands of years of acidic rain slowly bored in to the limestone substrate creating deep subterranean caves of various shapes and sizes. After the last Ice age, sea levels rose again to fill these spectacular marine dive sites. Here we can observe the blind cave fish, stalactites, stalagmites, flow rock, fossilized coral and a brackish water ecosystem near the surface. Thanks goes out to Graham from Chicago for taking this sh

Getting back on the Bicycle

It was a real pleasure to get Burt and Barbara back in to diving after a 7 year lapse. Originally PADI OW certified in the late 80's these two dive veterans decided to get back in to the sport. What better place than here in the sunny Bahamas!! After a very thorough shallow water skills circuit they took the plunge here on the Andros Barrier reef were it All came back to them. Congratulations guys for getting back on the old bicycle and we wish you many good dive adventures to come.

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